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Your Competent Partner for Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid Solutions

We provide off-grid regions with power – reliably and cost-effectively.

For a secure power supply – even where there’s no access to the public grid

Off-grid systems are photovoltaic systems that are not connected, or only partly connected to the national grid, whether they are small, self-sufficient systems or supplying a whole village in off-grid regions all over Africa. 

In a PV diesel hybrid system, a diesel generator supports the PV system as additional power source in case more power is needed than the application can produce. A fuel-save control regulates the connections and shuts down the diesel generator, depending on the electricity demand. The integration of a battery storage system enables any surplus solar power to be saved and used as needed. 

Safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly – comprehensive PV diesel hybrid systems are the ideal solution for sustainable and long-term power supply in Africa.

Sorwathe Ltd. tea manufacturer in Kinihira, Rwanda

Sorwathe Ltd. is one of the leading producers of tea in Rwanda and is committed to sustainable production. We designed and implemented a photovoltaic diesel hybrid system for them, together with OneShore Energy, our subsidiary company. For optimum efficiency, BayWa r.e. supplied high quality German solar modules and inverters for maximum yield and reliable operation. Read more

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