ATTENTION: We are aware of a fake crowdfunding campaign in de Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), created by a group of fraudsters. This is a scam and in no way connected to our business. If you have been impacted, you can contact the Public Prosecutor via this address: “Banque Centrale du Congo, 563, boulevard Tshatshi, Commune de la Gombe, Kinshasa », or via email: contact(at) Please quote file number: R.I.6466/PG23/a/2023/MSZ. 

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Solutions tailored for Africa

Unlock a reliable source of low-cost renewable energy

Putting power in safe hands

BayWa r.e. is a global renewable energy project developer based in Germany. We’re backed by our joint shareholders, BayWa AG and Energy Infrastructure Partners. BayWa AG oversee global revenues of €27.1 billion, while Energy Infrastructure Partners manage over €5 billion in investment worldwide.

This gives us a solid footing to offer solar power solutions to the African energy market. Along with international experience, our teams have intimate familiarity with each region’s legal and technical regulations.

Let’s build a solution that meets your unique needs. We’re your trusted partner in all areas of solar development:

  • Ground-mounted Solar PV
  • Floating-PV
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Battery Storage solutions

Power Purchase Agreements offer secure renewable energy for corporations. For the African market, we offer both on-site (direct-wire) PPAs, which transmits electricity straight to the consumer and is located usually at the same location as the company site, and off-site (wheeling) PPAs. Find out more about our financial solutions here

We are interested in cooperations with following customers:

  • Corporate Entities
  • Green Hydrogen Producers

Championing green hydrogen

Green hydrogen has a huge potential part to play in Africa’s renewable energy transition. To help meet increasing demand, we’re establishing collaborative partnerships that cover the whole value chain. Our teams are working to advance the role of renewable hydrogen with projects across Africa, Europe and around the world.

In the near future, we see a global renewable hydrogen market revolutionizing sectors like transport, heavy industry and energy itself. We also see a great benefit in the use of hydrogen for the production of ammonia, which is an important raw material in the chemical industry, e.g., for the production of fertilizer. With the right structures in place, studies predict green hydrogen could double the current global electricity demand. We’re committed to helping realize this future.

Combining technologies, futureproofing assets

We’re trusted all over the world as a partner who can finance, develop and operate hybrid energy solutions. Combining wind, solar and energy storage, you can create a project that works with your local requirements. That includes integration with diesel or heavy fuel oil (HFO) remote grids, reducing industry’s carbon output.

Experience with emerging economies lets us implement projects that encourage self-sufficiency and growth. In fact, we recently completed the world’s largest solar battery hybrid project for Africa’s mining industry.

Learn more about our project Fekola here in our case study

Project Fekola – One of the largest off-grid hybrid system in the mining industry


The implementation of a solar-battery hybrid system was an obvious choice to help achieve this, not only for its environmental credentials, but also its economic viability. This is a landmark project which we expect to pave the way for more sustainable power generation within the mining industry in West Africa.

Dennis Stansbury, Senior Vice President at B2Gold

Global expertise, local benefits

Our work is made possible by local knowledge, participation and engagement. Supporting communities and social initiatives helps our network of partnerships to thrive.

We truly value the involvement of local people and appreciate their expertise and commitment. Seeking the active participation of the local community in our projects is an important priority, from neighbours through to farmers, community-based organisations, NGOs and local authorities. Ultimately, we want our solar projects to not only play a key role in delivering renewable electricity and enabling the energy transition, but also to assist local communities to thrive.

Communities can benefit from solar farms in diverse way – from direct civic engagement and local sponsorships through to educational events, capacity building, training and job opportunities. These rich opportunities for the local community are developed mutually by all involved.

Your complete solution from a single partner 

From ideation and analysis to consulting, financing, development and turnkey construction, we have you covered.

We work to support local companies on joint project developments. With our technical knowledge, global experience, financial and operational resources, our expertise is currently enhancing large-scale projects all over the world. We specialise in engineering, procurement, construction, grid integration, financing, structuring and operation services. 

Professional operations, short construction times and high-quality standards are the factors that make BayWa r.e.’s facilities stand out. We take a holistic approach and offer all the services relating to the construction and operation of photovoltaic plants. Our standardised PV plant design enabling scalability and cost efficiency.

Guaranteed stable, safe solar plan operation makes us the first choice of customers in all kinds of industries. Let us handle your plant’s day-to-day requirements like 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and repairs, data collection and analysis, technical reporting, warranty claims and insurance.

Optimizing your energy and finances

We work with local and international lenders to secure your project. A successful renewable energy site is a bankable one, so we place a strong emphasis on risk mitigation. Commercial and industrial off-takers can choose from a range of financing models to find the best path possible.

Connect your business to a risk-free energy source. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) let businesses access a secure, long-term energy supply from their choice of supplier. With an on-site PPA, we install a solar power project on your premises, and you buy the energy it generates.

This reduces your dependence on unstable local grids. As energy prices rise, an on-site PPA secures power at a set cost. We’ll finance, install and operate the system on your behalf. 

A confident investment in the sun

Local investors can partner with us and be sure that cash flows will stay in the region where they live and work. Communities in Africa will feel the benefit of our experience developing turnkey utility-scale PV systems. We’re committed to setting the highest industry standards, including leading the way on renewable hydrogen projects.

In 2016, BayWa r.e. was the first company in the solar sector to be awarded the VDE certificate for the installation of standardized PV plants. In 2019, we established a quality and environmental management system to develop, manage, engineer and construct solar systems. As a result, we hold ISO certifications 9001 and 14001 from TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH.

Committing to a better future

Our teams aim to set an example with the way we work. We’re always striving to lower our own carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. This commitment extends throughout our entire project lifecycle, from planning and procurement to installation and operations.

We also aim to improve biodiversity across our PV plants and the surrounding environment. Our systems help protect and create habitats for insects, birds and animals. Sustainability has to be for everyone.

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